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In the daily diet, the flesh of cattle is an important food of nutritional value. Besides being a major source of proteins, the flesh of cattle is characterized by its richness in iron, B vitamins, potassium, selenium and zinc. The concentration of these values change depending on age, gender, nutrition of the animal and most likely cut.
Specifically, the bovine is divided into:
Bullock: aged between 8 and 12 months, not neutered. The flesh of a beautiful pink color contains less water than beef, but more protein. Color, texture, flavor and texture of the cuts, is among the finest meat.
Beef: are cattle older than 2 years. The beef contains little water and a small amount of fat that makes the quality of its meat among the best on the market and this is recommended in the feeding of children and sports.
Cow: female cattle are typically slaughtered at the end of their production of calves and milk and then when they are about 6-8 years of age. They are obtained with high percentages of lean meat and tender mercies of fat infiltration in muscle fibers.

Calcium (mg.) 14.00
Phosphorus (mg.) 214.00
Vitamin A (microns) tracks
Vitamin C (mg.) 0.00

Fresh veal
values per 100 gr.
Fresh beef meat product
values per 100 gr.
100% edible portion
Water (gr.) 76,90
Protein 20,70
Lipids 1
Available carbohydrate 0,00
Starch 0,00
Kcal 92,00
Kj 385,00
Sodium (mg.) 89,00
Potassium (mg.) 360,00
Iron (mg.) 2,30
Calcium (mg.) 14,00
Phosphorus (mg.) 214,00
Vitamin A (microns) tracks
Vitamin C (mg.) 0,00
100% edible portion
Water (gr.) 70,4 - 75,9
Protein (gr.) 19,8 - 21,4
Lipids (gr.) 2 - 8,3
Available carbohydrate (gr.) 0,00
Starch (gr.) 0,00
Kcal 48 - 55
Kj 104 - 155
Sodium (mg.) 434 - 650
Potassium (mg.) 48 - 55
Iron (mg.) 309 - 328
Calcium (mg.) 1,7 - 2
Phosphorus (mg.) 5,1 15
Vitamin A (microns) /
Vitamin C (mg.) 0,00
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