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PRODUCTS - Horsemeat

CO.BE.CA, by ancient tradition, trade has always been excellent this kind of meat.
Horse meat is an important food that contributes largely to meet the needs of iron. The most acceptable to consumers, in addition to tenderness, is the total absence of cholesterol, unlike other red meats, and low fat that usually is lost during cooking: what makes it ideal for those who follow low-calorie diets , for anemia, for those who suffer from high cholesterol.
Finally, the high amount of lactic acid, present in his flesh with two and three times compared to other meat for slaughter, meat makes this particularly immune to bacterial growth.

Fresh horse meat
values per 100 gr. Product
100% edible portion 100
Water (gr.) 74,10
Protein (gr.) 21,70
Lipids (gr.) 2,70
Available carbohydrate (gr.) 0,50
Starch (gr.) 0,00
Kcal 113,00
Kj 473,00
Sodium (mg.) 44,00
Potassium (mg.) 330,00
Iron (mg.) 3,20
Calcium (mg.) 10,00
Phosphorus (mg.) 230,00
Vitamin A (microns) 0,00
Vitamin C (mg.) 0,00
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