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The lamb is a fundamental component of human diet. In this case, those we have imported to meet consumer needs, as well as the accurate aspect of sanitation, especially for its organoleptic and nutritional properties. Specifically, the meat trade are:
Lamb or “abbacchio”. The animal is slaughtered within 25-30 days of age, so its only fed with milk. Its meat is highly digestible, has a protein content lower than the other sheep and especially a low-calorie.

How good is its contribution of iron and vitamin PP.
The “agnellone”, is slaughtered to no more than 120 days of age. Its meat than lamb is high in protein and nutrients.

The kid has a taste similar to lamb. It is usually slaughtered at two months old when the animal reaches about 5 kg of weight. Its meat makes a high protein content, a good dose of iron and vitamin PP compared with a low caloric intake.

Fresh lamb
values per 100 gr. Product
Fresh meat goat
values per 100 gr. Product
% edible portion 83
Water (gr.) 70,10
Protein (gr.) 20,80
Lipids (gr.) 8,80
Available carbohydrate (gr.) 0,00
Starch (gr.) 0,00
Kcal 162,00
Kj 679,00
Sodium (mg.) 88,00
Potassium (mg.) 350,00
Iron (mg.) 1,60
Calcium (mg.) 7,00
Phosphorus (mg.) 190,00
Vitamin A (microns) tracks
Vitamin C (mg.) 0,00
% edible portion 75
Water (gr.) 74,80
Protein (gr.) 19,20
Lipids (gr.) 5,00
Available carbohydrate (gr.) /
Starch (gr.) 0,00
Kcal 122,00
Kj 511,00
Sodium (mg.) /
Potassium (mg.) /
Iron (mg.) 1,00
Calcium (mg.) 9,00
Phosphorus (mg.) 220,00
Vitamin A (microns) 0,00
Vitamin C (mg.) 0,00
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